• Lithium Battery Pole Piece Thickness Measuring System

    The lithium battery electrode piece thickness measuring machine is mainly used for online measuring the lithium battery electrode piece thickness during the electrode coating process in order to timely monitor the thickness change for convenient control and electrode coating adjustment.



    With the features of non-contact measurement, high accuracy, high stability, the measurement accuracy of ±0.5μm, the lithium battery electrode piece thickness measuring machine employs the advanced confocal displacement measurement technology for online rapid and reliable detection. The newest software developed by us and the professional measuring algorithm are adopted for the product to monitor the production process and displaythe measurement result in a real-time manner, thus not only realizing simple and convenient operation, but also significantly improving production process and efficiency.



    Measuring mode

    online measurement

    Measuring Speed


    Measuring range (X-axis)


    Measurement Accuracy


    Measuring Points Spacing

    ≥1μm free setting

    Measuring Range

    400μm/1400 μm/24000μm


    ±0.2μm/1μ m/2μm

    Sampling Frequency

    100Hz- 10kHz

    input voltage

    220V AC-240V AV

    Sensor Input

    24V DC 3A


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