• Film roughness measurement

    Measurement requirements

    Scan 3D surface of lithium battery electrode, and extract the profile to measure the surface roughness thereof.


    Main characteristics

    1. Non-contact measurement, and integral design;.

    2. 3D profile scanning, and multifunction data processing;

    3. Applicable to the accurate measurement of various materials;

    4. Simple use and convenient assembling & disassembling;

    5. High scanning speed and high positioning accuracy;

    6. Repeated accuracy ±0.5~±1μm;

    7. High stability and strong anti-interference.







    Measurement result

    Surface roughness Ra is about 1.2μm.


    Solve the problems existing in present measuring devices

    1. Certain requirement for measured materials;

    2. Contact measurement may cause certain damage to the measured materials;

    3. Small measurement scope, uncertain position and determination difficulty;

    4. Slow measurement speed, low accuracy and large measurement error;

    5. Complex structure and high cost.

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