• Yellow-light ITO Ink Thickness Measurement

    Measurement requirements
    Absorb the film on the sucking disc, take the film as the datum plane profile to scan and measure the segment difference between the ink and the base material, namely the ink thickness.


    Main characteristics

    1. Non-contact measurement, and integral design;
    2. Wide application scope and convenient assembling & disassembling;
    3. Repeated accuracy ±0.5~±1μm;
    4. Line scanning speed can reach 50mm/s to significantly improve detection speed;
    5. With the functions of offline detection and thickness data storage, the product can provide basic data for management statistics/analysis;
    6. Comprehensive alarm function, OK/NG prompt, whole measurement process monitoring, quality control and efficiency improvement.





    Measurement result
    The ink thickness is about 10μm.


    Solve the problems existing in present measuring devices

    1. Certain requirement for measured materials;
    2. Contact measurement may cause certain damage to the measured materials;
    3. Small measurement scope, uncertain position and determination difficulty;
    4. Slow measurement speed, low accuracy and large measurement error;

    5. Complex structure and high cost.

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