• Mobile Phone Shell Scratch Measurement

    Measurement requirements
    Measure 3D profile of the edge of the mobile phone and detect the scratch position on the mobile phone shell.


    Main characteristics

    1. Non-contact measurement, and integral design;.
    2. 3D profile scanning, and multifunction data processing;
    3. Applicable to the accurate measurement of various materials;
    4. Simple use and convenient assembling & disassembling;
    5. High scanning speed and high positioning accuracy;
    6. Repeated accuracy ±0.5~±1μm;
    7. High stability and strong anti-interference.



    Measurement result
    The scratch depth is about 27μm.


    Solve the problems existing in present measuring devices

    1. Certain requirement for measured materials;
    2. Contact measurement may cause certain damage to the measured materials;
    3. Small measurement scope, uncertain position and determination difficulty;
    4. Slow measurement speed, low accuracy and large measurement error;

    5. Complex structure and high cost.

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