• Gap Measuring System

    The gap measuring system is mainly used for measuring the gaps generated during work-piece machining and assembling processes, because such gaps generated during machining or assembling process may cause poor tightness, light leakage, dust and pollutant accumulation, etc. As the non-contact precision measuring device dedicated for surface gap detection, the gap measuring system employs new ultrahigh-accuracy moving device to drive confocal displacement sensor for online scanning.




    With the maximum scanning speed of 50mm/s, the line width of 15mm, the high measurement accuracy of ±1um and the repeated accuracy of ±0.5μm, the product can meet your requirement for high-accuracy measurement. The measurable gap dimension is 20μm~40μm and the advanced measuring algorithm can be combined to realize high-accuracy gap detection and dimension measurement.



    CLS- G150

    Measuring Speed


    Measuring Time


    Measuring Points Spacing

    ≥1μm free setting

    Measurement Accuracy


    Travel distance (X-axis)

    15mm-40mm (Optional)

    Repeated Accuracy (X)


    Measuring Range (Z-axis)


    Accuracy (Z)


    Minimum measurable width


    Sampling Frequency

    100Hz- 10kHz

    Mainframe Input Voltage

    90-264V AC

    Rated Power of Mainframe


    Sensor Input

    24V DC 3A


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